How to stop generation of 01 Inspection Lot for ASN

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How to stop generation of 01 Inspection Lot for ASN

Post by andysp5 » Fri Aug 03, 2018 10:04 am

Hi all, I have for sometime been using ASN's and Inbound deliveries for the passing of Material and Batch information from the vendor into SAP.
The material is HU managed, so when they receive the goods, the material and batch is used from the Delivery, the batch is packed and assigned HU numbers, and the 01 inspection lot created. No problem there.
However, to save any relabelling for the HU number and to make Goods Receipt as quick as possible, we are now getting HU numbers from the vendor in the ASN and these are put in the Inbound Delivery. Problem is, the 01 Inspection Lot is now getting created when the ASN is sent from the vendor, as SAP sees the Inbound Delivery as 'packed'. So the Lot is getting created days and maybe weeks in advance of when the batch actually arrives and the inspection starts. This is not acceptable.

So, is there a way of suppressing this Lot creation at the ASN for HU managed materials, and actually create it a GR?

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