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HR Security

Post by amithgrc » Wed Jul 16, 2014 10:06 am

Hi SAP Gurus,
We have a Chief based org structure for our HR system.

We have the HR team who need to access all the employees.

But a small team about 10 people in this HR team should be only be able view few Infotypes of the rest of the HR team, but can view all data of the other employees in the organization.

Can some one suggest best approach for this. (is structural authorizations a good option and if so can some one help me with that)

thanks in advance.


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Re: HR Security

Post by Count » Mon Sep 15, 2014 3:24 am

a bit late to try and answer this but the question is interesting.
1. chief based org str doesnt hold anything for your requirement.
2. your req is: hr folks: need access to all employees and their data.
3. plus about 10 of th ehr folks need to have restricted access to the data related to the rest of the hr-folks ...

one approach could be:
1. use regular auths to allow all hr folks to acces all data of all employees.
2. next step is to try and divide the hr-folks into 2 'types' from sap perspective: type1 will have restricted access to the rest o fhte type-2 folks.
3. next we isoltae the type-2 guys somehow... one way could be using the whatsdatfeature in hr... damn forgot the name there is a basic feature in HR PA module which can be configured and this feature has a corresponding filed in p_orgxx I think... I havent been into an sap system for too long my memory is rustic... .. but you get the drift right? talk to ure hr functional guy... (I am a hr functional guy dammit... )...

good luck

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Re: HR Security

Post by spasula » Wed Oct 08, 2014 10:22 am

I think the field you are mentioning is SBMOD or Admin group. If you are already using SBMOD for some thing else then you can use the field SACHP or personnel admin in IT 1
Shree Pasula
SAP Security Admin.

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