tcode: CORK, ytb conf and backflush qty

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tcode: CORK, ytb conf and backflush qty

Post by autobots123 » Mon Oct 22, 2012 2:09 am

Hi Gurus,

Need help on the matter.

Process order planned qty;
GR qty 100
Raw Mat A qty 110
Raw Mat A qty 110

It is understand that during CORK posting, the Yield t/b Confrm is inserted with the actual produced qty (eg 110kg). By clicking the Goods mvt button, (auto GR & backflushing is activated) the components qty will be calculated based on the actual qty in the Yield t/b Confrm field.

My question here, is there any possible way for us to (by user exit/ customization) that we can maintain the auto GR and backflushing component's qty to maintain as the planned qty no matter what is the Yield t/b Confirm.

In CORK screen
Yield t/b Confrm = 110 qty
Auto GR= 110 and backflush raw mat A & B 110.

Thanks in advance.

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