0043 - Debugging From Java

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0043 - Debugging From Java

Post by Rich » Sat Mar 28, 2009 8:49 am

Debugging ABAP programs from JAVA applications.

You can do ABAP debugging from java applications here is how :
  1. Check whether your user has debugging authority. Auth. object S_DEVELOP has to contain 'DEBUG'
    1. Use su01; ROLES
    2. Double click the different roles ->
    3. new session will open
    4. Choose Authorizations -> Display Authorization Data
  2. go to the ABAP coding
  3. go to the menu Utilities -> Settings / choose tab "ABAP editor " / choose tab "Debugging" check the chek - box "Actv." in the User field enter the user used in the Java logon (not the alias of the user!! e.g. for user XYZS enter "3B1968D7DD1")
  4. Press enter or choose OK to get back to your source code
  5. If you set you next break-point a pop-up will occur to ask you if you want to set an external break-point or a session break-point --> click external break-point (= former HTTP break-point) -->
if you run you Java application now and the coding with the break-point is called a new R/3 (CRM) window will open and you will see you code in debug mode (may take some seconds).

(Courtesy Dany Charbonneau)


Abap KC:http://www.richard-harper.me.uk/Kb

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