Cross Company Vendor Consignment Transfer-Retail

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Cross Company Vendor Consignment Transfer-Retail

Post by bkrishb » Wed Dec 10, 2008 11:56 pm

Hi everybody,

We need to transfer Vendor Consignment through Intercompany PO ( in different Company codes- DC & Site ). The process that we ae following -
1) Receive Vendor Consignment stock at DC through Consignment PO
2) Issue goods against Intercompany PO from DC To Store ( no item category K for this PO ; Stock determination allows to withdraw from Vendor Consignment stock ).
3) Receive at Store the Consignment stock through MIGO.

We mainatined Info records for all combinations with same price .While making goods issue from DC we are getting following error:-
Different prices on issuing and receiving side
Message no. M7395

This also differs article to article.

Can you pls suggest why this error message is coming & Are we following the intercompany Consignment transfer correctly.

Thanks much for any useful information....this is really urgent

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