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FAQ: PM Assemblies & Assemblies

Post by PJA » Tue Jan 09, 2007 11:20 am

FAQ: PM Assemblies & Assemblies

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The two main functions of the PM Assembly (IBAU) are as follows:

1. To create nodes for structuring multi-level BOMs e.g. motor spares, pump spares etc.
2. To structure technical objects in more detail. These can then be used in the Assembly field in the order/notification header. You can then report on these via the PMIS.

The PM assembly is a specific material type (IBAU) which is used to structure BOMs. However, the assembly field on an order, notification, etc can be any material type (you are not limited to IBAUs).

SAP Help:

Plant Maintenance (PM):
A part of a technical object. A technical object can be divided into assemblies to separate it into more clearly defined units.

An assembly is not an object. It is an object category, similar to a material in the SAP System.

Assemblies are used for maintenance bills of material and maintenance task lists.

Customer Service (CS):
Group of parts of a service object that belong togther from a technical perspective.

An assembly can itself be a component in another assembly.

Where Used:
  • PM/CS Order headers
  • PM/CS Order component assignment (BOM)
  • PM/CS Notification headers
  • Maintenance items
  • Task list header
  • Task list component assignment (BOM)
  • Bills of materials
  • MCI1: Objetc class analysis (PMIS)
  • MCI2: Manufacturer analysis (PMIS)
  • MCI3: Location analysis (PMIS)
  • MCI4: Planner group analysis (PMIS)
  • IW38/39/40 order list reports
  • IW37/49 operation reports
  • IW37N/49N order/operation reports
  • IW8/29/30 notification list reports
  • IW66/67 notification tasks list report
  • IW66/67 notification tasks list report
  • IW64/65 notification activities list report
  • IP17/18 maintenance item list report
  • IA08/09 Task-list list report
  • The assembly represents part of an equipment is common to machinery plant wide, e.g. drive system. The assembly is assigned to many equipment masters through out the plant and as the assembly is a material, a material BOM is created for the assembly making the one BOM available to all plant allocations of this assembly. In this way we only maintain one BOM for many assembly assignments.
  • The assembly field on a service order was used to include additional materials on the DMR during RRB (via user-exits). The assembly may have been a single material, or BOM
Tips & tricks:
  • If you want to limit the use of BOM objects in the assembly field on an order, then make the assembly field display-only (IMG setting). Then the only way you can populate the field is by selecting from the BOM
Tables which use BAUTL:
HIKO Order master data history
MPOS Maintenance item
OBJK Plant Maintenance Object List
QMFE Quality notification - items
QMIH Quality message - maintenance data excerpt
S061 Location and planning
S061E S061 - Structural Information
S062 Object class and manufacturer
S062E S062 - Structural Information
S116 Customer Analysis
S116E S116 - Structural information
TPMUS PM/SM - User default values

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