FAQ: Costing Errors

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FAQ: Costing Errors

Post by PJA » Mon Aug 22, 2005 4:16 am

FAQ: PM/CS Order Costing Errors

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PM/CS Order (IW33):
  1. Check the order control tab to see if there are entries in the CstgVariantPlan and CstgVariantActl fields
  2. Check the CO data via the report planned/actual button on the cost tab
  3. Check you are getting planned costs for labour, materials, PRs etc
  4. Check the operation control key settings
  5. No cost management is provided for sales document (contract) item: This is usually because there is no requirements type assigned to the contract item (see procurement tab). The standard value is SE.
Work Centres:
  1. Costing tab: Check cost centre assigned
  2. Costing tab: Check activity type assigned
  3. Costing tab: Check formula (standard is SAP008)
  4. Costing tab: Check validity dates
Value Categories:
  1. SPRO: Check your value category settings in the IMG (Settings for Display of Costs)
CO Configuration:
  1. KL03: Check activity type validity dates
  2. KA03: Check cost element validity dates
  3. KA03: Check cost element category is 43
  4. KA03: Check if Record qty flag is set on Indicators tab
  5. KA03: Check cost element assigned to your controlling area
  6. KP26: Check that activity type is linked to cost centre
  7. KP26: Check that there is a rate for the activity type/cost centre for the relevant period(s)
  8. KP26: Check are you using the correct version
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Post by Guest » Fri Aug 26, 2005 4:39 pm

1. Check that activity is linked to cost centre
2. in kp26 check that there is a rate in the activity
3. are you using the correct version

Mick Windsor

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