FAQ: PM/CS Cost Reports

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FAQ: PM/CS Cost Reports

Post by PJA » Wed Mar 02, 2005 3:43 am

FAQ: PM/CS Cost Reports

Please contribute:

General PM/CS Cost Reports
IW72: Order list edit (change)
IW73: Order list edit (display)
IW38: Order list edit (change)
IW39: Order list edit (display)
KOSRLIST_OR: List of settlement rules for orders

Value Category Reports
MCI8: Cost analysis (PMIS)
Run TCode OLI5 to correct value category errors (program RIPMCO00)
Run TCode OLPM to re-build structures (program RIPMS001)

General PS Cost Reports
CN41: Project information system: Structure overview
CNS41: Project information system: Structure overview

General SD Cost Reports
KKSB: Application tree report: Product cost by sales order
KKAH: Sales order selection
KKAC: Sales order hierarchy
KKBC_KUN: Sales order analysis (good for document links)
S_ALR_87013104: Sales order selection (good for contract profitability, inc drill-down to service order)

General CO Reports
47 Menu Path: Accounting->Controlling->Internal orders->Information system->Reports for internal orders
KSBT: Activity Price Report (shows KP26 data)
KOC2: Application tree report: Internal orders
KKSB: Application tree report: Product cost by order
KKBC: Application tree report: Product cost by order (root menu for KKBC reports)
KKBC_ORD: Analyse order
KKBC_ORD_INT: Analyse internal order (this is the same CO report as IW31/32/33 cost tab)
KKBC_KST: Analyze cost centre
KOB*: Various Order reports
KOB1: Orders: Actual line items (inc drill-down to posting documents e.g. GR, Confirmations, etc) (user-exits available)
KOB2: Orders: Actual line items (inc commitments)
KSB1: Display actual cost line items
S_ALR_87013625: Cost centre actual/target cost report
KKRC: CO Summarisation
KKRO: CO Data Collection: Product Drilldown
S_ALR_87012999: Orders: plan/actual/commitments
S_ALR_87013015: List: Actual debit/credit
CO99: Collective processing: Set Status "closed" (useful to see which orders are to be settled)

If you want to be able to create non-user-specific layout from the actual/planned cost report in the order (Cost tab), you have to flag the field "layout visibility - shared" in transaction OKN0. Then you will see that the user-specific field is no longer greyed out anymore.

KO8G: Collective settlement (use test-run and detailed list flag)
KOSRLIST_OR: Settlement Rules
KOC4: Order selection (you can see outstanding settlement amounts in this report (activate column: total actual costs - can be done with other reports)
S_ALR_87013015: List: Actual Debit/Credit

General PS Reports
S_ALR_87013543: Act/Plan?variance (goods for cost reports with sales orders)

General MM Reports
MB52: Display warehouse stocks of material on hand (stock valuation)

COBK CO Object: Document Header
COEP CO Object: Line Items (by Period)
COEPR CO Object: Line Items for Stat. Key Figs (by Period)
COSL CO Object: Activity type totals
COSP CO Object: Cost Totals for External Postings
COSS CO Object: Cost Totals for Internal Postings
PMCO Cost structure of maintenance order
PMCOQT Quantity structure for the maintenance order
S061 Location & planning
S062 Object class and manufacturer
S065 Object statistics
S115 Cost Evaluation

Please feel free to add you own favorite reports.....
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