0041 - Who Is Dany Charbonneau

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0041 - Who Is Dany Charbonneau

Post by Rich » Sat Mar 28, 2009 8:47 am

Who is Dany Charbonneau ?

Some of you may have noticed that a lot of the topics have been submitted by Dany Charbonneau. Who is he ??

Dany has been active in the software industry for over a decade. He's a man who likes to grow roots : he spent six years at Metro Richelieu, a leading Canadian food retailer and distributor, and, so far, four at SAP Labs Canada. Stability and experience breed expertise.

Having worked with C, Cobol and VB for three years, circumstances pushed him in the arms of ABAP. Metro implemented SAP and sent Dany to Germany for training. For another three years, he oversaw the SAP migration of Metro's legacy systems. That's when he heard the call: SAP beckoned and he decided to join SAP Labs Canada as a software developer.

He worked on the Retail solution at first, but he has since been devoting his time to a juicy challenge: the Forecasting and Replenishment engine, which is an SCM-based system that can also run as a standalone application. For Dany, the good thing about being an SAP developer is that you're always one step ahead, you're where new technology hatches and takes flight.


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