FAQ: Deadline Monitoring (IP30)

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FAQ: Deadline Monitoring (IP30)

Post by PJA » Mon Nov 10, 2008 11:28 am

FAQ: Deadline Monitoring (IP30)

SAP Help

Scheduling background jobs: SAP Help

This is the normal mode of operation. Follow these instructions to create an automatic scheduling job:
  • Make your selection screens settings (described above)
  • Go to menu path Program -> Execute in background
  • Make the necessary printer settings in the Background Print Parameters popup screen and t press the green tick (or hit ENTER)
  • Do the following in the Start Time screen: (1)Click the Date/Time button and enter the start date and start time for the job. (2) Click the Period Values button (bottom of the screen) and click the Weekly setting then save to exit popup. (3) Click the save button in the Start Time screen
  • Go to TCode SM37 and check that the system has created a job called RISTRA20. Also check the frequency by double-clicking the job name.
  • If required you can add email addresses by clicking on the Spool List Recipients button
  • Once the job has run you can check the application log (see IP30 settings above) via TCode IBIPA. Enter RISTRA20 in the Program field and/or IP30 in the Transaction field and some sensible date restrictions in the From/To fields, otherwise se the standard default settings for all other fields.
Useful OSS Notes:
Note 191047 - Group name in Transaction IP30 and variant
Note 488876 - IP10: Scheduling with factory calendar

Useful OSS Links:
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