Data environment - navigator configuration

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Data environment - navigator configuration

Post by guybr » Thu Aug 14, 2008 9:06 am


we are implementing SAP IS-U (ECC 6) and plan to use Installation Groups with hierarchies.

We are tring to find a way to display In Data environment a connection object that has an intallation that is used as a primary installation and another connection object that has a secondary installation, herarchy level 2, this connection object will have several permises.

I found the way to customise (IMG>>SAP Utilities>>Customer Service>>Customer Information>>Configure Data Environment Display) a new IS-U navigator configuration but didn't succeeded to display the full heirarchy (only one connection object hierarcies can be displaied).

Is anyone know how and if I can create a new navigator configuration that will show all the hierarchies that can be derived from the hierarchies declared in an Installtaion.

Thanks in advance
Guy brozky

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