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TCODE F110: Automatic Payment Transactions

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TCODE F110: Automatic Payment Transactions

Postby FLIPCRITIC » Mon Oct 21, 2002 9:00 pm

R/3 version: 4.6C

Note: this matter also involves ABAP elements.

I am currently trying to automate the downloading of a payment list into a file after payment list printout, using the PRINTOUT/DATA MEDIUM tab.

In this Lists Window I entered a modified program, copied from an original SAP program (RFZALI20), that is supposed to facilitate this.

The modified program (ZRFZALI20) is supposed to download the payment list data into a file (using function module WS_DOWNLOAD), and then create a spool request containing the printout of the payment list.

The program is run through this TCODE by clicking "PRINTOUT" in the STATUS tab. This action prompts for a job name for the creation of the spool request.

A job is then created with two steps.

The problem: Download does not occur, but the spool request is created.

Upon viewing the job log overview in TCODE SM37, the message text displayed after running the second step says "No additional components found for Open FI Event 00002110".

I think the problem is that all programs entered in the LISTS window in the PRINTOUT/DATA MEDIUM tab are run in the background.

Is there anyway for me to continue using TCODE F110 to run the modified program ZRFZALI20? Or should I separate the download program completely?

I hope my explanation was clear.

Postby Guest » Tue Oct 22, 2002 5:29 am

check your short-dumps. you cannot use ws_download in a batch job, only a foreground one. you would need to create a file on the server then run an interactive program to copy it to yuor front-end.

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