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Post by pushkj » Wed Feb 19, 2003 11:05 pm

Helllo ABAPers,

How can I simulate the query for the Select-option in the "single Values"
tab for e.g > "20021127"
= "10.02.2003"
In single values tab if i specify condition as above,Is it OR conditon in my query,IS it AND Conditon
Actually I am using Parameter Options against which I am comparing for the dates.

Sample code
Selection criteria
select-options model for zex33order-zmodel.
parameters: vr_date like sy-datum.

after inputting the values I want extract the values from ztable
where my field1 > "20021127" or field1 <= vr_date.
and field2 >= vr_date or field2 = '00000000'.
and field3 in model.

Can anybody will suggest me the query for the above situation.

Its very Urgent please.

Thanks in Advance

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Post by Jumanji » Thu Feb 20, 2003 1:56 am

select ......
where ( field1 > '20021127' or
field1 <= v_rdate ) and
( field2 >= v_rdate or
field2 = '00000000' ).

But some how ur requirement looks a bit wierd.If the above condition is not what u want. U can give the functional req basing on which we will build the logic.

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