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How to get the resolution of Machine

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How to get the resolution of Machine

Postby alpesh » Fri Feb 07, 2003 7:01 am

How to get the resolution set on the machine. is there any function module.
i need help for bdc in which i am entering data in table control and no of entries will me in bulk . so i needed to do page down . for which i am setting the count i.e. after 10 items it should do page down . in my machine it is working fine but when i run on other users m/c it doesn't work prob.
i know its resolution prob. but i would like to set the count based on resol.

thanx in advance
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Postby Frank Dittrich » Fri Feb 07, 2003 8:30 am

The resolution doesn't help you, because the user doesn't need to maximize the SAPgui.
Furthermore, he can change the window size between dialog steps.

Your best choice is to use the OPTIONS addition in your CALL TRANSACTION statement, set DEFSIZE to 'X' , and program the scroll function for the "default" size (which is much smaller than a high reloution screen: 800*600, IIRC).
You can resize your screen to the default size via the menu.

Frank Dittrich
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Postby Rich » Mon Feb 10, 2003 3:39 am

Or, have a look at the transaction you are using and see if there is an 'Insert' function. Insert your data always at line one (you may have to insert it in reverse order if order is significant) in that way resolution, font size and window size do not come into play.

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