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how to hide abap source code

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Postby Guest » Tue Feb 04, 2003 4:54 am

Dr.Wolfgang, Richard and Others

Guys I have great respect for you guys. It is because of people like you - you are like the creators of Linux contributing to the SAP world without any profit motive.

But my 2 cents what do we do to SAP themselves I am telling you when all of us are ridiculing this poor ABAPer who asked how to hide the ABAP. Why not all of us be conscientious to say the kind of terribly bad job and a precedence that SAP have set look at function modules, ABAPs it is the worst code I have ever seen in my life. Sometimes not even a line of documentation appears like a deliberate act of SAP not to part with the technical knowhow and keep the know how for themselves. Look at the scenario when a customer pays millions and some customers even have spent hundreds of millions there are at mercy of SAP. They collect 20% of software license for OSS support and ask them for the documentation for a function module/ABAP see what SAP tells you buy remote consulting at hundreds of dollars per hour. Imagine if the poor developers who have created the world class LINUX operating System or the powerful Java and open source products and support available free of cost.

I would really try to disagree with the views of some of you. This ABAPer is just following the bad precedent set by SAP. Like it or not SAP as set a dangerous trend I am not sure what will happen to this trend today with the emerging web services which is all amout tearing through the Berlin walls of proprietary software and opening up proprietary platform. I can't say what this next revolution will bring will it break down proprietary software platforms and open up an environment of vendor lockin customers are suffering from I cannot answer.

These are just my views. I feel what this ABAPer asked was after all not so bad.


Postby question_mark » Tue Feb 04, 2003 5:08 am

Chris has a good point. BUT you don't correct a wrong with another wrong. Given the fact that it is hard enough to code in ABAP as it is, why make your colleague's life more difficult by hiding your source code?!

ABAPer4u, I don't think you'd like it if your boss turns-over this program for you to debug and you can't find the source code....

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Postby Rich » Tue Feb 04, 2003 5:15 am

SAP do not hide the majority of their code except in programs such as SAPMSYST, and possibly the code where they use encryption. Lack of documentation and bad coding practices are a different thing altogether. However, I would like to think that in SAP's own development system all the code is documented.

Personally I see no valid reason for a consultant or an Abapper to need to hide source code especially if it is nothing 'special'. If you have an industrial secret or encryption technology then that may warrent the hiding of source code on a clients site. Hiding reports, function modules and screen coding in the general run of things is not required and should not be done.

Anyway, that's my view point.


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Postby abaper4u » Tue Feb 04, 2003 5:38 am

My very sincere and helpful friends

Stop this nonsense now ,

I havent asked anything that is illegal or very harmful to others.

I am rid of it now.

Also i found my way to hide program.

So very very thanks to all of you.

Hoping that this should be last post for this topic and there should be no reply for it.

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Always someone to go further

Postby fhe » Tue Feb 04, 2003 6:18 am

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Postby Guest » Tue Feb 04, 2003 7:16 am

abaper4u wrote:The only reason for me to hide abap source is not to show source code to my colleagues.

I dont want anybody to spoon feeding my programs. :evil:

that is sole reason behind it. :idea:


So you are admitting you have no valid reason.

(And don't think you can really hide your source.
There'll be someone more experienced than you, who'll be able to unhide your "hidden" source.)

Postby Rich » Tue Feb 04, 2003 7:58 am

Anonymous wrote:(And don't think you can really hide your source.
There'll be someone more experienced than you, who'll be able to unhide your "hidden" source.)

Yep... by looking at the transport files located on the server.....

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Postby Wolfgang G Propfe » Tue Feb 04, 2003 8:44 am

"I feel what this ABAPer asked was after all not so bad. Chris"

Dear Chris:
That would have been right, had he not been the 257th poster with that question (since November) to ask for such a thing. And while our posts were nicer in the beginning, I sensed an attitude from the poster, who coincidentally did not bother to look up older discussions on the same topic.

While SAP does suck in many aspects (documentation just being one of them), ABAP has the advantage of being open, platform-independent and debuggable. I rather look at the program than the documentation anyway.

I think, SAP should develop a reversible hiding function that the owner of the SAP system can use with a 'key', to protect from third-party consultants with low motives, but it should not be up to each developer. Maybe a certain user ID only.

Wolfgang G Propfe
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To all those in favor of hiding code.

Postby bigtone » Wed Mar 19, 2003 9:28 pm

We have a Z program that runs slowly on one of our servers
when asked to investigate I found the following code below:


I think that details of a business process would be of far more commercial value that the programs to implement it. These are stored in Word documents in many cases.


*#c p program encrypt: 20020808 170915 with realtech-Walldorf UGLIFIER
report zrtc_rc_dc_transport . data: begin of fields occurs 10. include "
structure help_value. data: end of fields. data: begin of "read table da
valuetab_desti occurs 10, destination like zrtc_threshold-context. "read
data: end of valuetab_desti. "read table data: like endform while insert
data: destination like zrtc_threshold-context, ok_code like sy-ucomm, "r
ucomm like sy-ucomm. call screen 0100 starting at 2 2 ending at 46 17. "
at user-command. sy-lsind = 0. ucomm = sy-ucomm. module "read table data
help_destination input. tables: t000. data: begin of local_dest occurs "
10. include structure rfchosts. data: end of local_dest. clear fields. "
refresh fields. clear valuetab_desti. refresh valuetab_desti. call "read
function'RFC_GET_LOCAL_DESTINATIONS' tables localdest = local_dest "read
exceptions not_available = 1. loop at local_dest. move "read table data:
local_dest-rfcdest to valuetab_desti-destination. "read table data: like
append valuetab_desti. endloop. fields-tabname ='ZRTC_THRESHOLD' . "read
fields-fieldname ='CONTEXT' . fields-selectflag ='X' . append fields. "r
clear fields. "read table data: like endform while insert table:= if con
perform help_screen tables fields valuetab_desti using destination. "rea
endmodule. form help_screen tables field valuetab using sel_value. call
function'HELP_VALUES_GET_WITH_TABLE' exporting title_in_values_list =''
titel ='' importing select_value = sel_value tables fields = fields "rea
valuetab = valuetab. endform. module status_0100 output. set "read table
pf-status'STAT100' . endmodule. module user_command_0100 input. ucomm =
sy-ucomm. case ucomm. when'BACK' or'%EX' or'RW' or'EXIT' . leave "read t
program. when'CONT' or'START' . perform start_selection. endcase. "read
endmodule. form start_selection. tables: e070,e071,e07t,e071k. data: "re
begin of e071_tab occurs 100. include structure e071. data: end of "read
e071_tab. data: begin of e071k_tab occurs 100. include structure e071k.
data: end of e071k_tab. data: begin of w_trmess_int occurs 20. include "
structure trmess_int. data: end of w_trmess_int. data: begin of "read ta
wt_trpar_int occurs 10. include structure trpar_int. data: end of "read
wt_trpar_int. data: w_text like e07t-as4text, trkorr like e070-trkorr. "
data: count type i. "read table data: like endform while insert table:=
w_text ='Transport special tables of the ABAP-Suite' . "read table data:
call function'SAPGUI_PROGRESS_INDICATOR' exporting percentage = 20 text

Postby Guest » Thu Mar 20, 2003 12:51 am

hey bigtone,

whats the crap u pasted ???
DSC :)

Stupid minds

Postby Yoolb » Thu Mar 20, 2003 3:05 am

Hello all,

sometimes there are good reasons to hide coding.

Securing files or encrypt data ( if you write it yourself instead of using a third party program ).
Sometimes you have to secure medical files or pay check files if you send them to printer or e-mail.

But, I don't think an ABAP developer should write it's own encryption or security.

That is why I believe that posters who ask to hide coding, should be banned for life and never being helped anymore.

The strength of a developer and of this forum is to find a lot of difficult things so that you don't have to search for a solution that already exist.

If we ( ABAP developers ) help each other (like we do here ), our lives would be much easier and less stressful.

Kind regards,
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Postby Wolfgang G Propfe » Thu Mar 20, 2003 9:47 am

Dear Tony:
The program has been 'uglyfied' (made hard to read), but that does not impact the run-time. You may need to de-uglyfy it again and review it for run-time, style, etc. Just write a program that reads the source, inserts a new-line after each period (not within quotes) and then pretty print.

Uglyfying is ugly but not the same as hiding. The code is all there.

Wolfgang G Propfe
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