Milestone billing in Sales Order - Rounding issues

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Milestone billing in Sales Order - Rounding issues

Post by subodhd » Mon Feb 19, 2018 5:48 am

Hi Guys
We have found the below issue where we have milestone billing plan in the sales order. (Milestones are created in sales orders from project systems .

We create quotation from within the project-
Let’s say the quotation has header value of $10000 and it has got say 15 different line items.
The sum total of all line item level dollar values is $10000 and is visible in the quotation header as a calculated value.
(Quotation has the account assignment of the relevant project WBS)

Quotation is sent to the customer .

Then we create sales order wrt quotation, this time in the order , milestone billing plan appears based on the percentages mentioned in the project systems.

Let’s say 50% dollar value to be charged after 1st milestone completion, and remaining 50% to be paid after 2nd milestone completion.
Effectively we expect system to have 2 lines in the billing plan in the Order header - one for $5000 in say Feb and another $5000 in say March.

But we see figures in the order header as below -
Feb :$5000.03
Mar :$4999.97

I believe this is happening because system is applying 50% to the dollar values at each line item level , then rounding that figure . It does this for all lines and then adds them up. Since some line items may have rounded up while others may have rounded down ,I believe it is coming up with these kind of figures.

Is there any way we could set up the system such that both dollar values at the Order header level are exactly $5000 (ie 50% of $10000) even after adding up the line item dollars for all line items (after applying 50% to each item and then rounding it )?

We print the customer invoice with the header level value and do not show the break up of all the line items , hence item level dollar values are not that important.
Has anyone faced this issue and how did they tackle it ?

Idea is that if we have informed customer via them a quotation for 10k and have said that we will charge them 50% after 1st milestone and 50% after second milestone,then they are expecting the order / invoice amounts to be exactly 5k. ( and not a few cents less or a few cents more )


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