Date changed by HPCJCOB2B

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Date changed by HPCJCOB2B

Post by jeffbroodwar » Mon Mar 23, 2015 11:22 am

Hi Experts,

Just received a support ticket having an issue with a ztable date field being changed by HPCJCOB2B on random occassions.
I checked the table and learned that it's a table containing information from CRM and being used by an outbound IDOC to send info to other system..

Now, everything works ok for IDOC (not an issue), the concern is that this table gets updated by HPCJCOB2B changing a field value (date) into an invalid format.
Is there a way on how to check this? I cannot debug since it's not a job, it happens randomly, no specific activity is known that triggers the change of table by HPCJCOB2B.

Please see details of fields

change_by - HPCJCOB2B - contains this value
change_date - date of change

Please share your thoughts on this..


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