Check date need to change for few holidays

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Check date need to change for few holidays

Post by shilpalingala10 » Tue Mar 17, 2015 8:09 am


The client is implementing global payroll ( 29 countries). They have 2 payroll areas for all counties semi monthly and monthly payrolls . The period start date, period end date and payment date are same for all counties for almost all pay periods in the year except when one country has a public holiday that rest of the countries do not have. For example Japan has a public holiday on a payment date, then Japan's check date need to be changed to one day earlier then the configured check date.
Is their any way we can change the check date for just one country when their is public holiday for that country with out changing the rest of the countries. We do not want to create 29 payroll areas and maintain separate pay dates as majority of the times they have the same payment date except for few exceptions. We will have 29 holiday calendars configured for each country separately.

Please kindly advise.

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Re: Check date need to change for few holidays

Post by Coweater » Mon Mar 23, 2015 2:56 am

There is no way your going to get away with 2 payroll areas for 29 countries, i'll give you 2 reason to start:

- Fiscal or Financial years are different in certain countries unless your 29 countries all have the same fiscal year period? highly doubt.
- Due to localised public holidays, if you want to run and release a payroll ealry you can not do this for 'part' of a payroll area. Do not try customisation to achieve this.

There are a few more reasons to consider but you should be speaking to someone on your team who has multiple country payroll experience in a single environment.

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