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Starting Cyclic Counting

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Starting Cyclic Counting

Postby MMman » Wed Mar 18, 2015 8:19 pm

Hello SAP Fans,

First time user so apologies if this topic has been covered in previous posts. I am trying to implement cyclic counting for a client however am unable to return any material records for count. The client is using ECC6 and does not have WM so the count will be done through MM.
We have run ABC analysis and set the indicators using MC40, ensured that the plant had been included in table T159C. When I run MICN no materials are returned for count. (A full physical inventory was completed in January this year)

My minimum selection parameters are
Plant xxxx
Materials flagged for deletion - checked
Planned count date from - current date to end June
Sort by - Storage bin description

When I execute the transaction I receive the message 'No materials found for physical inventory'

I have tried a number of variations of selection parameters however I cannot return any values.

I feel that there is a key setting missing however I am unable to identify what that my be.

Your help is appreciated.
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