Exception meaasge difference MD04 & MD05

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Exception meaasge difference MD04 & MD05

Post by 5tevie » Thu Jan 23, 2014 9:05 am

Hi All,
My apologies if I am repeating a old thread but I could not see a answer for my question although there did seem to be a couple of similar posts.

I have some parts that when we complete MRP run the MRP list will show some exception messages in this case message key T3 message 06 Start date in the past When I check the stock requirements list and this message does not appear.

When I look at the configuration for the T3 message key it tells me that

"06: Start date in the past (T3)
Message no. MD414

The start date of the order proposal lies in the past.

System Response
This exception is displayed in the MRP list and in the stock/requirements list."

Therefore I expect to see the same message in both lists.

Does anyone know if there is somewhere else that would control the exception messages shown in MRP lists or Stock requirements lists?


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Re: Exception meaasge difference MD04 & MD05

Post by kirkupm » Wed Feb 12, 2014 6:04 am

MD06 is a snap shot of the MD04 stock requirements list and exception message status at the time of the last MRP run. If the demand/stock situation has changed since then MD04 will be reflective of the real time situation.

In my experience it is best to use MD06 very soon after the planning run has been completed and clear out the exception messages because if it is left for a day or two or sometimes even a few hours then the planning situation can change significantly.

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