Smartforms with Zebra printer

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Smartforms with Zebra printer

Post by » Wed Oct 30, 2013 10:18 am

Hi to all!
I'm trying to setup a new smartform label with a Zebra Z4M printer. With other labels we have used a smartform that includes the ZPL code for zebra. In this case, the device type used "LB_ZEB".

But for this new smartform, I have heard that using the "new" device type LZEB2, you can design the smartform in a normal way and can be printed on the Zebra printer without any translation into ZPL language.
I need this information:

* which device type will be correct? I'm currently using "LZEB2"
* which access method must be used? I'm currently using "C"
* how must be installed the printer on the Windows printing server? with normal "Zebra Z4M (200dpi)" driver? now the printer has an IP address and it's installed and shared on a Windows server.
* any other configuration?

With this configuration, the info arrives to the printer (Data led is flashing) but nothing is printed..:-(

Any idea??
Thanks in advance!

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