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Post by Singh43 » Tue Jan 29, 2013 3:47 pm

Hi there,

We implemented SAP CLM (Contract Life Cycle Management) and we are experiencing some hiccups. Firstly the way it is setup is that CLM interfaces MM through SRM. SRM has been used as a middleware here to allow the exchange of data from from both system (CLM & MM). SRM in this equation is only used as a middleware and does not play any transactional roles (not transactional operations are carried out in SRM) at the moment.

To the best of my knowledge, CLM is a web-based CLM SAP solution for Contracts creation/approval/storage and also stores supporting documentation for contracts and other related material.

At the moment, sourcing/pre-award events or activities such as the RFx, bidding, weighting and evaluation is currently being handled outside the system manual and only when the contract is awarded only then do we create a contrat in CLM and publish it in MM via SRM. So that the contract can be utilized in MM.

Now questions arise, where are the RFx/tendering/bidding/weighting and evaluation processes till award supposed to be carried out? In which system are these processes supposed to be carried out. We would like to have the entire process right from the pre-sourcing events, to sourcing and then final award and contract creation to be done in the system. How do we incorporate these activities into the various systems and how does this work? I know you can best do the RFx, bidding, weighting and evaluation in SRM but here SRM is not a transactional operational system and plays the role of a middleware. How do you overcome this challenge?

Please advise here.


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