CIC0 limitation?

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CIC0 limitation?

Post by timmer » Tue Dec 13, 2011 3:05 am

This is my first question please forgive me if the one of the questions is answers on the forum but I can't find it.

We work with the Customer Interaction Center and it is our default way of going to other transaktions. Now we like to make some changing but till now we get only a No so my question are there any soltuions to the next issues:

1 Make screen sizable (with the 23 inch monitor half the CIC0 screen will not be used!!)
2 Are there only 8 actionsmenu possible in CIC0??
3 In these actionsmenu the Transaktion can only be mentioned with 4 characters so ME21N and V.02 can not be mentioned?
4 Worst; can there only be used two colums (description/ staus) for information to objects (documents)?
5 Worst; In the documents you cannot make a sorting (ascending descending) and choose a lau-out but really wirt is is possible in the Ranking List???
6 Worst; In the mainscreen you can also not use more columns than Info and Addition and layout, ascending and descending does also not work???
7 In the selection screen for customers there cannot be made changes for example add search term??
8 the text length of the description from actionmenu can not be longer than 8 characters??
9 aktion box near aktion menu cannot be set to unvissible?

Please let me know if I' am wrong this is not the way I SAP ECC know and I will be sad if this is really true. If there are other solutions or Workarounds please let me know also.

Kind Regards,

Jos Timmer

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