Key figure 'Constant selection'

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Key figure 'Constant selection'

Post by krajendran3 » Tue Mar 23, 2010 2:30 pm

Hello All,

We have a P&L report with one of the keyfigure as 'Constant selection'. It gives wrong results when more than one Profit centers are used.

Query definition

Profit Center | GL Account | Actuals ($) | %Sales

Profit Center, Fiscal period, Fiscal year

Note: Profit center and GL Account has hierarchy display.
%Sales is calculated as "Actuals/NetSales*100"
Net Sales is a sum of certain GL Accounts

Scenario 1: When one profit center is selected:

Profit center | GL Account | Actual ($) | %Sales

400000 | >NET_SALES | 4,911,670 | 100.0
| >COGS | -2,287,255 | -46.6 (this is calculated as -2287255/4911670*100)

This result is working fine.

Scenario 2: When multiple profit centers (Profit center group) is selected:


Profit center | GL Account | Actual ($) | %Sales
400000 | >NET_SALES | 4,911,670 | 86.3
| >COGS | -2,287,255 | -40.2

410000 | >NET_SALES | 777,272 | 13.7
| >COGS | -438,949 | -8.8

Here Net Sales is baselined as 5,688,942 (sum of 4,911,670 and 777,272) which is wrong and should be calculated for each individual profit centers

I have a restricted key figure (NET SALES) based on the profit centers they select (from variable) and having that as constant value (no display)

Can someone help me? I can provide additional details if required.

We can't use cell definition because of the hierarchies we need (can't be a fixed format)
I tried to use query with replacement path, but QD wont allow (errors)

Appreciate any other suggestions/ ideas.


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Re: Key figure 'Constant selection'

Post by 2bwornot2bw » Thu Dec 09, 2010 6:22 pm

can you tell me what filter is in the constant selection?
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