Expected Yield Var. & quantity Withdrawn in Process Order

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Expected Yield Var. & quantity Withdrawn in Process Order

Post by zubairmir » Sun Aug 23, 2020 3:58 am

I have two clarifications required regarding PP module, which may have been asked before, however I will appreciate feedback.

1. As per my understanding expected yield variance is the difference between order quantity and final confirmation quantity. But when order quantity and final confirmation quantities are same but GR quantity is different(over/under) than expected yield variance remains "0" and does not impact due to difference in GR and confirm quantity. Kindly confirm or is there any setting where expected yield variance is influenced by difference GR quantity and confirmed quantity.

2. In the material tab of a process order, the quantity withdrawn column displays 261 movement only. However when there is a 262 for the same material then the withdrawal quantity is not netted off. However we can see actual consumption through documented goods movement. Is there any standard setting where system display actual withdrawn quantity in material tab of process order.

Awaiting valuable feedback.



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