How to stop releasing development parts?

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How to stop releasing development parts?

Post by Cervin » Mon May 07, 2018 3:46 pm

Hello experts!

I want the QC inspectors to know if the products they are about to release includes a component which is a "development" status or not.

My idea is to expanding the batch Classification for all components/semi-components with a question "Development Part? Yes/No"
Then creating a query connecting the batch information tables with the process order tables.
Searching with the final product as a reference, the list should show all ingoing batches on all levels - and the batch classification with a possible "yes".

All the data is in the system, right?
I've managed to find the Classification tables (using MCH1, INOB, AUSP & KSSK).

So now two questions:

1. Which tables should i use to find all ingoing batches (all levels) when searching a finished product to be released?

2. In your experience, what is the normal way of handling "development parts" inside SAP to prohibit a release to customer?

I'm very greatful for all your input
Best regards /Gotobed

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