SAP triggers in stock consumption

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SAP triggers in stock consumption

Post by Kmoore17 » Mon Jun 22, 2015 3:53 pm

Hello everybody,

I have an issue that I need some assistance with. We have an issue at my company where we receive a specific part number that has one process completed on them and makes them into a new part number. We would like it to be coded into sap that whenever we get ANY stock of these lower numbers, SAP automatically creates production orders to consume 100% of the stock of the old number to create the sub assembly. We have looked at trigger points in production orders before but do not know if there are options for coding any into material masters.

Currently we are relying on COOIS to produce planned orders for these but they create small quantity orders, and our suppliers do not give us a steady supply so lot sizing doesn't help.

Can anyone out there help me?

Thank you in advance,

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