Planned Independent Requirements (PIR) assigned to WBS eleme

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Planned Independent Requirements (PIR) assigned to WBS eleme

Post by uraba » Fri Nov 21, 2014 6:39 am

Hello PP fans!

We need to maintain Planned Independent Requirements (PIR) assigned to WBS element (Account Assignment Category = Q) in MD61.
To make it work as desired we have created a ‘Z’ Requirements type (in OVZH), linked to a ‘Z’ Requirements class (in OVZG).
The requirements are displayed in MD04 for the WBS element and MRP works fine. Planned Orders are created for every WBS, and we can create the related Production Orders.
The planning process is OK.

Our problem is that after closing the production orders the withdrawal quantity is not increased in PIR, so the requirements in table MD61 are not reduced. So the requirements still remain even when posting the delivery for the material…

We have test several customizing parameters for the Z Requirements type and class, but none of them seems to works as desired. May be we are missing something...
Does anybody know if SAP supports this process, or if it is impossible to get it?
If so, any help would be really welcome…

Kind regards,

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