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MPS/MRP question

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MPS/MRP question

Postby sapfan4 » Wed Jul 30, 2014 2:13 am


Does anyone know of a way of handling this scenario please:

1. A value for maximum stock is set on the material master record
2. MRP Type = M0
3. Lot size = HB (replenish to maximum stock level)
4. After running MPS, when you look in MD04 you can see that as soon as stock is expected to reach zero a planned order (or multiple planned orders) are created to replenish the stock to the maximum stock level
5. However - my requirement is for the planned order to be generated for an earlier point in time. Instead of the planned order being created for a date to stop stock being negative in MD04, I want the planned order to be created for a date when the 'net stock' (Maxiumum stock - current stock) is less than the minimum batch size

Hope the above makes sense, any tips appreciated.

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Re: MPS/MRP question

Postby Ramarao » Wed Oct 08, 2014 5:23 pm

MRP type normally decides when to order. Lot size key, how much to order.

M0 MRP type means plan according to requirements, not ahead of them. You seem to be needing something like a "desired stock level" through the use of "maximum stock level" - which was not the intent behind it.

If you enter desired stock level as a safety stock, perhaps you will be closer to your goal.
- Ramarao
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