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CM25 exit CY190001

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CM25 exit CY190001

Postby saprega » Sun Apr 06, 2014 11:41 am

I want to use the user exit CY190001 and need to know how to find remaining capacity on alternate work centers where I could disptatch my operation. There is a previous post which I have pasted below by SAP4ME and which is unanswered. I have the exact same requirement. Any Ideas ?

Capacity Planning experts - kindly help.

In CM29, we want to do capacity leveling over 4 resources at a time (say A, B, C, & D). Out of these 4 resources, only one of them (say A) is specified in all the recipes - i.e. all the orders in the order pool will have only resource A.

Then we want to select all the orders and dispatch together. We want system to use up the available capacity of A first, then use the available capacity of B, then C, Then D.

For achieving this, currently we have enabled "Date entry when Dispatching". This gives a popup for date as well as resource - and here we keyin the next resource. We have to do this 4 times to complete the above scenario.

Now we wish to automate it (I am thinking of using the user-exit CY190001).

I need your help to know:
- Is there any better way of doing it manually,
- Instead of CY190001, is there any better way of automating it,
- In CY190001, what would be the easiest way of finding out "available capacity" for any resource.

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