Re-Read Master Data in Collective Orders

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Re-Read Master Data in Collective Orders

Post by vaditya10 » Mon Oct 07, 2013 12:58 pm


We have following issues in Collective Process Order.

1 Process Order are Created and Released, when we try to Re Read master data from Superior Order we get message:

"Error when checking BOM, Error when Checking Routing/Recipe"

Log Contains Message.

When we check Log , Log is found empty.

( we have checked BOM and routing and PV did not find the reason)

2. When I Try to reread order at subordinate level it allows rereading of master data at subordinate level.

3. We execute Order confirmation/ GR at Header level. and Re read master data at Subordinate level it allows reread and set superior and subordinate order in CRTD state ( even though GR is executed at Superior level)

What is the reason of First Issue and how to resolve.

What is reason of situation 3 is it std?

Thanks In advance

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