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GR on specific weekdays

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GR on specific weekdays

Postby akrason » Thu May 16, 2013 2:57 am


I drop this question here as I might be more appropriate to check it with PP folks rather than MM community.
How to force MRP run to compute GR date on Tuesday for some materials and Thursday for others.
Can this be done within ECC without involving APO?
I have tried to combine PD + Planning Calendar (MRP2) in material master but without full success.
If my observation is correct only the first delivery seems to be rescheduled out of the theoretical requirement date to the first authorized delivery calendar day.
On the other hand time-phased planning seems to rely exclusively on quantities forecasted out of actual past consumption to which a forecast model must be applied.
In my case the situation is constrained by incoming logistics and customs: materials imported by the sea + truck arrive on production site on Wednesday and those imported by air arrive on the very same site on Friday.
But the quantities are determined by customer demand of finished products (delivery schedule) which are exploded into component level.
These components are either provided free of charge by the very same customer (incoming subcontracting) or purchased by the subcontractor within the limits of what is actually needed (no leftovers).
Would you have in mind any workaround?
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