Configurable routing

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Configurable routing

Post by michalis12 » Wed Dec 12, 2012 11:20 am

Hi everyone, I need your help in the following make-to-order scenario.

I have a sales order for configurable material 01-XXX-01. The BOM for 01-XXX-01 has several components

These components are selected depending on the classification values of the sales order item. For one order I might have just 1 component, for another 2-3 or 4 components.
I also have a routing (ROUTING) that is also configurable. Operations are selected based on the characteristics of the order. Everything so far works just fine. My problem is with the following scenario:

So far operations in the routings were selected from the values assigned to the highest level of the configurable material. I want to to select operations based on characteristic values assigned to a lower level in my configuration. In other words I want to select an operation based on characteristic values assigned to 01-YYY-001, 002, 003 instead of 01-XXX-01

I have created the selection condition and I have assigned to the operation but it doesn't work
specified $self.CHAR1

Is my syntax wrong? How do I specify that the operation needs to look at the characteristic values of the "child" and not the "parent"?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Configurable routing

Post by Sharpshooter » Sun Dec 16, 2012 8:22 pm

If the routing is being exploded for the parent, and the information does not exist at that level, you can't.
Good luck!

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