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Process Order Settlement Question

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Process Order Settlement Question

Postby adsafc73 » Wed Dec 05, 2012 3:42 pm


Hello All,

I am trying to answer a question the question below that has been asked from our Business. Order Settlement is not my area of expertise so I am looking or some guidance.

"Can we change the settlement rule for process order settlement to calculate a variance and settle daily regardless of the order status. Currently, the settlement rule is that the order status must be TECO in order for a process order to settle. This continuously results in problems at month end which can range from the KKBC report not matching the settlement variance to having to make sure that the inventory personnel are always available on the last day of the month to TECO orders whether it is a holiday or weekend or not. With month long process orders for the refinery, we have no visibility unless I have the inventory clerk close the order long enough for me to settle, then they open back up to continue processing. In my opinion, all of this makes the risk of an error occurring that much more likely throughout the month and especially at month end. Can we please open a ticket to look into this again?"

As described above we have long running process orders (can last a whole month). We have a nightly scheduled job to perform settlement
However unless the Process order has status 'TECO' or 'CLSD' no settlement takes place.
We currently use settlement type FUL. This is clearly how the system is supposed to behave at least in my understanding in that the FUL settlement rule performs a full settlement only on TECO or CLosed Orders.

They want to be able to settle what has been posted on a nightly basis so that through the month we can see how things are looking. Is this possible? Would PER achieve this?

Many thanks for any advice you can provide.


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Re: Process Order Settlement Question

Postby Ramarao » Wed Feb 13, 2013 6:54 pm

We have production and service orders that are open for 3 to even 6 months. We settle them monthly, and our settlement rule is also FUL. I am pretty sure if we wanted, we could settle them weekly or even daily, and while the status is not definitely TECO - it may be PCNF for the most part on several operations...

Did you try to settle a production order in REL or PCNF status and couldn't? Or you're just assuming you can't?
- Ramarao
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