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Collective order: current date scheduling

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Collective order: current date scheduling

Postby dramos » Thu Oct 25, 2012 5:06 am

Hello gurus:

We are facing the following issue on our collective order scheduling.

We have the current date scheduling type, on our collective order.

The result is as follows, considering that the main order is 71511485.

Order Sched start Sched finish

71511485 30.11.2012 05.12.2012

71511475 29.10.2012 30.11.2012

71511476 29.10.2012 30.11.2012

71511477 29.10.2012 30.11.2012

71511478 24.10.2012 30.11.2012

71511479 20.11.2012 30.11.2012

71511480 20.11.2012 30.11.2012

71511481 20.11.2012 30.11.2012

71511482 20.11.2012 30.11.2012

71511483 20.11.2012 30.11.2012

71511484 29.10.2012 30.11.2012

This is fine considering the whole production order, the first order is being started today (71511478) and all routing times are being considered fine in order to determine the outline dates.

But if we consider the depending production orders, they are being backwards scheduled from the requirement date of the main order.

Our customer requirement is to have today as the scheduled start date.

This is weird as they also have the 'current date' scheduling type.

On OPU3, we have the adjust dates parameter as 2 (do not adjuts basic dates to operation dates) in order to avoid this behaviour, but we are not getting the desired start dates. Also consider that the 'start in the past' parameter is blank so that it is not allowed to get a past date for the start of the orders

Any idea about this issue?

Help will be much apreciated.

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