Component Qty Changes on Release of Process Order

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Component Qty Changes on Release of Process Order

Post by vaditya10 » Tue Oct 09, 2012 6:06 am


One component (A) of the produced Material (B) has Base unit of measure as EA and Alt Unit as M. where 1 EA = 200M.
Component A is batch managed and batch determination is at release of order
Alt unit is assigned as Unit of issue in plant data view.

To produce 1 produced item (B) it takes 5.5m of the A.

When we create Process Order for 1 unit, Material list shows as 5.5m of component A.

But when we release the process order, component A qty changes to 200 M.

It looks system while releasing process order, calculates requirement as per Base Unit of measure, and as EA can not be in fraction it comes back rounded of qty as 1EA and hence 200m.

What process sap follows?

Is it possible to get correct comp A qty (5.5M in this case) on release of order? if so how and if No then why.

This behavior is not observed if component is Not Batch managed

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Re: Component Qty Changes on Release of Process Order

Post by ESCOCES » Wed Oct 31, 2012 9:43 am


You need to make changes

a) Into Material Master Date you need tio put in work scheduling Unit of Issue = M
b) Go to BOM and cahnge UM from EA to M

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