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forecast planning MPR

Post by emcloa » Thu Sep 20, 2012 9:44 am

Main Material 402040 1 We plan on this material 100 pieces (transactioncode MD61)
Underpinning Material P0002917-A 5

We plan MD61 on 402040 and what we want to have is that he does not do any generation of MRP/MPS element on 402040 But the only thing we want is 500 pieces as requistion on P0002917-A

Is that possible?

We certainly do not want to have a planned order creation on 402040 / but only a REQ on P0002917-A

Input 402040 planning = 100 pcs
Out put a REQ from P0002917-A 500 pcs

We always get a planned order, but that is not what we want

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Re: forecast planning MPR

Post by Ramarao » Wed Sep 26, 2012 3:55 pm

If it was a higher level requirement passing through your 400020 material in the middle, you can set his as a phantom (spl proc = 50) but when this is the level at which you want to enter PIR, there is not a way for you to prevent a planned order altogether.

There is a way to get an unconvertible planned order, one which you cannot accidentally covert into a production/process order, if that is any consolation. You do that by setting a strategy group on the 400020 material (I think strategy 52 would do this).
- Ramarao

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