Customizing MRP Element Data (MD04 CO09)

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Customizing MRP Element Data (MD04 CO09)

Post by adsafc73 » Mon Sep 17, 2012 2:33 pm

I have a question relating to the MRP ELements Text that is displayed in Both ECC when performing MD04 (Stock Requirements ) or CO09 (Availability Check)

We have a request from our Business for the following.
When a Delivery Appears in MD04 or CO09 we would se something like this.
As you can see the Element Data shows DeliveryNumber/BatchSplit.
09/17/2012 Delvry 0080148689/900006/0000 30,000.000- 30,000.000

Our User wants to also display the Order number right there on this first screen eg:
09/17/2012 Delvry 61055/0080148689/900006/0000 30,000.000- 30,000.000

My questions.
1. Is it possible through a user exit or something to do this.
eg. if empds-delkz=VJ (Delvry)
select vgbel from LIPS where empds-...... = vgbeln
2. Is this MRP Element Data String restricted to a certain number of characters.
3. Since some of our materials are on Product Allocation using APO GATP, sometimes when we run CO09 we actually jump across to APO. So would there be a similat user exit in APO where we would have to insert the same custom code?

Many Thanks for any help

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