PGI indicator?

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PGI indicator?

Post by fimamae » Fri Jan 15, 2010 12:58 am

Hi SAP specialists,

We have many production orders for one sales order and we confim them all ready. Now I noticed that after we have pressed PGI for the delivery it takes only the main product from the stock and leaves other production orders lying to WIP stock. Why is this? It should take all of them from sales order stock. What is the indicator for that when pressing PGI it would take all of them from sales order stock?


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Re: PGI indicator?

Post by birdiemaker » Mon Jan 18, 2010 3:31 pm

Hi Maria,
There is no PGI indicator or button that you can press to force the PGI to come from sales order stock. This is determined by the planning strategy of the material (MRP3 - standard) which determines a requirements type on the sales order (procurement tab). This requirement is passed to the delivery and can be seen (somewhat) on the goods movement tab of the delivery. A normal PGI will be a mvmt type 601, and if it is to come from sales you will see the E indicator in the "Special Stock" column on the goods movement tab of the delivery. To my knowledge this cannot be changed on the delivery.

It sounds like you want it to issue from sales order stock, but it actually issued from unrestricted? Check the planning strategy on the material, and also the requirements type on the sales order.

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