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Batch expiration date in MRP

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Batch expiration date in MRP

Postby chiken » Wed Jun 14, 2006 8:09 am

Hi everybody,
i try to explain our problem:
- We use batches in production, and we have expiration date in every batch of our components (lets call the component "A"): for example expiration date of the batch that we have in stock is 15 of July.
- We create a production order that uses componets "A"; the dependent requirements of "A" is for 30 of July (in this date the only batch in stock has expired).
- If we run MRP, we would like that the system creates a purchase requisition or planned order for component "A", because when we need it (30 of July), the only batch in stock is not avalaible, because expiration date has passed. But the system does not create anything, and takes as available the batch (unusable from 15 of July on).

I hope i have explained our scenario.
thanks in advance for any help!!

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Postby SAP4ME » Wed Jun 14, 2006 1:20 pm

We have a background program that runs every day before the MRP run. It checks the expiry date of batches and any batch expiring tomorrow is put in restricted stock (radio button in MSC2). Thereafter, MRP will not consider this stock as available (if so defined in config for "Define availability of stocks....")
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Postby kpn_75 » Sun Jun 18, 2006 10:46 pm

SAP concept of not creating a procurement proposal is... after the expiary date the same will be moved to quality stock from there back to unrestricted or block... ( there is a possibility of using the same still exist )... so it is the user who needs to move the stock to Block stock once the expiary date is over... also make necessary changes in the customizing for " avl stock "...

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Re: Batch expiration date in MRP

Postby vpisipaty » Thu Apr 03, 2014 11:07 am

There now exists a custom solution (without any source code modification) with the following features to overcome the subject gap in MRP/MPS:
The system dynamically takes into consideration the Expiration Date (or any Batch Date that you desire as key date) of balance quanity of batches in Inventory adter consumption/netting off.
The system calculates the quantity of a batch that will expire on the expiration date, or that will need to be discounted based on Key date of batch (e.g. Use By/Last Ship Date).
The system reduces the 'Net Available Material Invemtory' per requirement date, by the net quanity of the batch that whose expiration/key date is less than the requirement date of the requirement.
Batch Numbers of the expiring/discounted batches and their respective quanitites discounted will be visible in the MRP List and Stock Requirements List.
A custom configuration task is provided whereby the entire functionality can be turned ON/OFF per "Plant-Material Type-Division" combination or by another combination you desire.
The subject functionality scope includes the following Transactions:
MD01 - Total Planning (Online) MRP
MD02 - Single Item, Multi Level MRP
MD03 - Single Item, Single Level MRP
MD04 - Stock/Requirements List
MD05 - Individual Display of MRP List
MD06 - Collective Display of MRP List
MD07 - Collective Stock/Requirements List
MD41 - Single Item Multi Level MPS
MD42 - Single Item Single Level MPS
MD43 - Single Item Interactive MPS
MDBT - Total Planning (Background Run) MRP
MDBS - Total Planning (Background Run) MPS

The functionality caters to Unrestricted Stock, Customer Stock, Vendor Consignment Stock and Subcontractor Stock. The solution can also be extended to project Stock.
Unfortunately, I am not able to attach any documents here. Should anyone be interested in this functionality and wish to know more, kindly send us an e-mail and we can chat.

Vijay Pisipaty
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