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Settlement WBS element

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Settlement WBS element

Postby Eric E » Tue Dec 10, 2002 4:03 pm

Hope somebody can help me out on this.

On a WBS element I have both actual costs and revenues. We only want to settle costs to cost centers but the system gives an error because the revenue is not being settled.

Is it standard SAP to want all actual postings to be settled or are we missing things? Now I settle the costs to a cost center and the revenues to a dummy WBS element but I want to avoid this way of working.

Thanks in advance for your support.
Eric E

Postby sachingaur » Fri Dec 13, 2002 9:28 am

You shall need to settle the costs and revenues together, thru Result analys mode and that too, to Profitabilty Segment. I dont think U can do revenue and costs settlement to diff recievers, if U can then it would be news to me as well...
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Postby Guest » Tue Dec 17, 2002 4:30 am

Hi sachingaur,

Thanks for your reply. Currently we settle both revenues and costs in one run to different receivers. You can use the source structure for this and in the settlement rule from the WBS you can define different receivers.

My question was related to the fact that apparently SAP wants to settle everything which is on the WBS element and you can not choose to settle only costs and leave the revenues as it is...

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