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Simulation version comparison

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Simulation version comparison

Postby sappsfan » Sat Dec 07, 2002 9:12 am

Hi All,

I have copied a project of mine (end date 21.03.2004 and having around 1200 activities..) into a simulation version and compressed the critical path to bring the project end to 10.10.2003, which is the scheduled delivery of my project.

I need to know two important things.

1) Even after I compress the duration and schedule the project, the early dates get changed to the required dates, however the late dates (LS,LF) still show the original schedule in the simulation.

2) Is it possible to do overall network scheduling for a simulated version only ??????? :shock:

2) I would now like to compare a) the various simulation versions created and b) the simulation with the original to know where I should change the activities. I do not wish to copy the simulation back to original but rather get a comparison report and change manually.

Although the documentation mentions that there are various comparison reports available like Hierarchy Reports, Structure reports and scheduling reports , I am not able to add the simulation version and compare...rather the project gives me a facility only to put the project version.

Can anyone suggest me how and where I can compare simulation versions with original schedule ?


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