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Network Activity Cost for Internal activities -Actvity type

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Network Activity Cost for Internal activities -Actvity type

Post by SAN » Wed Dec 04, 2002 5:03 am

Dear SAP Gurus,
Like to have clarification on Network Activity Cost for Internal Activities.

We have WBS X and Network Y attached to it. In the network Internal Activities of 100hrs planned from Work Center 1000 with Actvity Type 1999.

Although the Cost of the Activity are reflected correctly, I will like to know how these planned Activity will be updated in Cost Center Planning?

My Co versions are integrated with orders & projects and if I plan activity type at WBS Element level , it is getting updated in Cost Center.
However for Activity attached in the network is not getting updated in Cost centers.

Kindly help me on what approach to be followed for integration between netwok and cost centers



Post by Guest » Wed Dec 04, 2002 2:31 pm

integrated planning is not supported for network costing -> you will not see the values in cost center accounting.

sap offers a workaround: there is a report available via oss (can't remember the number) to copy values from network costing to the assigned WBS element (where they are plan integrated). you will find the note when searching with ZCJ9KPS

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