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Distribute Act type to multiple allocation cost elements

Posted: Wed Jul 22, 2015 8:39 am
by vdmron
Hi All,

In transaction KL03, you assign a allocation cost element to the activity type.
We have a scenario where we want to split the allocation to two different allocation cost elements based on percentage.
Is this possible ?

When time gets posted in the CATS time sheet to an activity we use 'SEO - Service Work, overtime',
we want 2/3 ( their base wage ) of it to be allocated to one cost element, and 1/3 ( their overtime premium ), allocated to another cost element.
The process of actual assigning the allocation cost element occurs during transaction "CAT5 - Transfer to project systems"
I am checking here also to see if there is a user exit that I can use to do the split.

Thanks in advance.
Ron vanDerMaarel