Fill actual finish date of the WBS element

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Fill actual finish date of the WBS element

Post by unurd » Mon Sep 15, 2014 11:44 pm


After release of a WBS, I wish to fill Actual finish date of the WBS element (field PRTE-IENDE).
I get error message no. CJ512:
You cannot enter any actual finish dates for WBS element XXXX if:
• The subordinate WBS element does not have an actual finish date.
• Or the activities in the WBS element do not all have final confirmations.
I don't have subordinate WBS, but I do have network & activities.
If I confirm everything, I can fill the date.
My problem is that the activities are not engineering but financial, and a lot of them. They don't have to be confirmed. To confirm each activity is not applicable.
Any suggestion what I can do?

Thanks, Amos.

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