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Proj Def Validation Check

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Proj Def Validation Check

Post by sappsmm » Thu May 15, 2014 1:02 pm


User is suppose to create a Project Def of ZZ-XXXXX-YY where ZZ = Proj Type, XXXXX = ALPHANUMERIC, YY = Country Code.

Requirement is not to allow system to save Proj where XXXXX is less than 5 char

So I created following Validation Check

Prerequisite: PROJ-PROFL like 'C*'

Check : ( PROJ-PSPID :5-5: <> '' OR
PROJ-PSPID :4-4: <> '' OR
PROJ-PSPID :3-3: <> '' OR
PROJ-PSPID :6-6: <> '' OR
PROJ-PSPID :7-7: <> '' )

Message = Error.

I can still create a proj name like CG-1-US and on saving the proj number shows up as CG-1 -US ( with four blank spaces)

Any input will be appreciated.


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