WBS Profit Centre determination Cross Company

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WBS Profit Centre determination Cross Company

Post by leewxm » Tue Dec 10, 2013 6:51 am

We have a scenario (like OSS 77385) where the Sales Order has WBS element (e.g. WBS1) for the Delivering Plant in CCode A and the Billing Document correctly derives the WBS element (WBS2) for the selling company code, CCode B. This is a higher level WBS element marked as Billing Element in CJ20n.

But when the billing document tries to post to accounting, it fails because it is trying to post to the Profit Centre in WBS1 (instead of WBS2).
We cannot work out why this is as the billing document shows the correct WBS element (WBS2) in the item.

The only way we can get the document to post is by updating the WBS1 with a profit centre which can be used across all company codes (e.g. DUMMY).
To add to the confusion, we believe this worked ok a few months ago but we cannot find anything which has upset the settings.

Any ideas appreciated!


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