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Network characteristic authorisation

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Network characteristic authorisation

Postby michalis12 » Wed Nov 20, 2013 7:49 am

Hi all,

First of all, you can use the following link to see the screenshots from our system for a better understanding of the question: ... trict.html

Our requirement is to restrict some users from entering values for a specific characteristic in a network (not maintaining the characteristic). In the example that I have created I have used authorisation object C_TCLS_MNT according to the document below. I also have configured 2 organisational areas (E, N) ... on+Objects

The example I have created in our test system is the following:

Characteristics ZPS_CHAR_TEST and ZPS_CHAR_TEST2.

For the first characteristic the organizational area in the class is seto to E whereas for the second it is N.

In PFCG, in the user role I have added authorisation object C_TCLS_MNT and allowed access ONLY to organisational area E. However when I go to CN22, the system allows the user to enter values for both characteristics?

Am I using the correct authorisation object or should it be something else? What am I doing wrong?

PS. I have also posted this question on SCN under the following link
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