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PS Data migration from 4.6C to 6.0

PostPosted: Wed Jun 19, 2013 2:53 am

We are migrating from 4.6C to 6.0 with a lot of changes in PS structure, for example, in 4.6C, we have 7 levels of WBS Elements whereas in 6.0 we have just two with remaining details coming from network activities.

Here are some questions I seek our expert help on :

1) Should we upload whole project or should we upload all Project Definitions once and then all WBS Elements etc. post that. What are their pros and cons.
2) Which third party and SAP tools can be used to migrate the data from old SAP to new SAP ? Is WinShuttle a good tool to do this.
3) The cost collector account assigned lowest level WBS Elements will need to be converted as Networks and Activity per WBS Element. Is it possible to do it through a program ?
4) Do I need to Close the existing projects first and then upload the new projects (will this then not create double entries ?)
5) Or should I just carry forward the remaining part ? How will I do the cost planning in this case, manually ?

Sure I would get some help from you there.Hope to hear from you soon.