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Results Analysis on WBS: Revenue & COS ?

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Results Analysis on WBS: Revenue & COS ?

Postby justme99986 » Fri May 10, 2013 4:24 am

I am trying to understand RA when using valuation method 15 as we perform resource related billing based on hours posted to a WBS.

I have posted 5 hours for activity type to WBS. So total cost is €50 on WBS. Billing value would be €60 for these 5 hours. If I dont bill this by month end and run RA I get VLRV of 60, POCI of 60, COS of 50 and actual costs of 60 in PS Project Results report. When I settle to COPA I only get two RA cost elements as the sender and it posts revenue 60 and COS 50. Is this correct or should it also separate out that 60 is also POCI and that actual revenue is 0 ?

I would then expect that when I bill 3 hours only the costs billed would be COS and the other costs not billed are WIP and correspond with the POCI. So if I now bill 3 hours: I would expect Revenue 36, COS 30. The remaining unbilled costs would be revenue in excess and WIP ! And COPA would show the split between actual revenue, unbilled revenue, COS and unbilled COS.

Could anyone please take the tme to let me know what should be happening in FI and COPA before billing, if only bill some hours and then when final bill. I would greatly appreciate.

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